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Episode 17: Keeping the JOY in Christmas

November 27, 2019

Episode 17: Keeping the JOY in Christmas

Ho, Ho, Ho. How’s your Christmas spirit, so far? Have you ever wondered where the joy goes, in the midst of all the busyness of managing your home, your children’s education, and the intensity of Advent? Bonnie Landry is here to tell us about Keeping the Joy in Christmas!

Find Bonnie’s workshop video series and Homeschooling Simplified booklets at

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Recommended Books: Bonnie’s books on amazon: Homeschooling, simplified series Revolution of Mercy

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O Night Divine blog, by Mary Ellen Barrett:

O Radiant Dawn: 5-Minute Prayers Around the Advent Wreath, by Lisa Hendey 

Short Feature: Books and Blessings with A.J. Cattapan The Perfect Blindside, by Leslea Wahl

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