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Episode 2: Consistency and a Charlotte Mason Education

Today’s guest, author Jessica Ptomey, PhD, will explain the importance of Consistency in a Catholic Homeschool and how Charlotte Mason's methods provide the daily disciplines and habits to achieve a long-term vision for your children’s education. 

Jessica’s blog and podcast:

Charlotte Mason’s six-book series, free online:

Beauty in the Word, by Stratford Caldecott:

(John Senior quote on the prerequisite education for grasping the Great Books, is found on p. 119 of Beauty in the Word)

Consider This: Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition, by Karen Glass:

Know and Tell, by Karen Glass:

Cindy Rollins’ podcast, The Mason

Jessica Ptomey on The Journey Home, with Marcus Grodi:

Julia Carney’s Poem, “Little Things”:


Today’s Short Feature:

Dan Louzonis, from Einstein Blueprint

John Louzonis:


Episode 1: Busting Myths about Homeschooling

Is it crazy to homeschool your children? Some people think that homeschoolers are weird and antisocial, that their kids have no friends, and that they spend the whole day in their pajamas! In today’s episode, homeschooling expert, Mary Ellen Barret, debunks the most common myths and reveals one common belief that is actually true!

Mary Ellen’s Blog: Tales From the Bonny Blue House

Alice Gunther’s book: Haystack Full of Needles: A Catholic Home Educator’s Guide to Socialization

Seton Home Study School:

Mary Ellen’s Columns at