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Episode 80: Car Schooling: My Joyful Journey

April 21, 2021

Episode 80: Car Schooling: My Joyful Journey


Homeschooling is often a movable feast of learning, with co-ops, field trips, and cultural experiences woven into the fabric of family life. But the family van can also be a place where learning happens in ways both natural and innovative. Today’s guest is Marine veteran and homeschooling veteran, Teresa Hansen, here to tell us about Car Schooling!


Find Teresa Hansen at


Teresa recommends:


Your Story Hour


Nest Learning


Classical Conversations (skip counting songs)


Sing Yourself Smart Activity Book


Sing Yourself Smart CD


The Family Ness


Audio Books (your public library)


Today's Short Feature: From Ideal to Real, Chantal Howard

Topic: The Power of Perseverance



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