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Episode 79: Helping Special Needs Students to Succeed (Part I)

April 14, 2021

Episode 79: Helping Special Needs Students to Succeed (Part I)


We love our children, and most of the time, we know better than anyone else what is best for them. But sometimes our children face challenges that require an expert’s help and encouragement. Today’s guest, Margaret Walsh, is a wonderful lady who loves Helping Special Needs Students to Succeed.


Please send in your questions and we’ll answer them in Part II! Coming soon!


Contact Margaret Walsh:


Secret Garden Educational Pathways: 


Homeschool Legal Defense Association


Dr. Campbell-McBride’s research on nutrition and psychology:


Mindware educational toys


For easy-to-read information: which has some good articles on different disabilities.


One good article that distinguishes between "tutoring" and "therapy" is here:


Today’s Short Feature: Dan Louzonis

Topic: Truth, Beauty, and Metrical Feet: The Place of Poetry in Your Catholic Homeschool

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