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Episode 76: The Catholic Mom & Daughter Show

March 24, 2021

Episode 76: The Catholic Mom & Daughter Show

It’s amazing what homeschoolers get up to in their spare time—as if they have any! Today’s guests, Jennifer & Kate Waldyke, are the co-hosts of The Catholic Mom & Daughter Show. Stay with us!


The Catholic Mom and Daughter Show 


When I started my homeschooling journey, I learned A TON from the ladies at the old 4Real  Learning Yahoo Group.  The group now has a Facebook page here:


Notes from Jennifer:

We keep current in the world of books by following the Reshelving Alexandria FB group and Modern Mrs, Darcy:


Our two favorite resources for Catholic teens are Homeschool Connections (for school) and (for books).

We are also huge fans of Matt Fradd on Youtube:


and The Chosen series (which is so great for Catholic teens!!):


Today’s Short Feature: A.J. Cattapan, Books & Blessings

Topic: Rosa Sola, by Carmela Martino



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