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Episode 117: Scott Hahn: The Lenten Cookbook

March 23, 2022

Lent is underway, and after a determined start, maybe the Lenten menus are feeling a little shopworn and your family could really use a boost of inspiration—some insights, history, and amazing stories of the life of the Church. Today it is my joy to welcome one of my heroes in the Faith and in homeschooling, Dr. Scott Hahn, here to tell us about his new book, The Lenten Cookbook.

Make sure to stay tuned to the end for our Short Feature: Creating Lifelong Learners with Paola Ciskanik.

Show Notes:

You can find Dr. Hahn at 

And at the St. Paul Center: 

Purchase The Lenten Cookbook: 

Order: Hope to Die and download FREE study questions: 

Order: It is Right and Just and find a FREE excerpt: 


Short Feature: Paola Ciskanik, The Thriving Catholic Homeschool Blueprint

Topic: Creating Lifelong Learners


Here is the link with the THRIVE handouts:


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