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Episode 101: Building Executive Function Skills in Moms and Kids

December 1, 2021

Episode 101: Building Executive Function Skills in Moms and Kids

We want to pass on skills to our children that will help them succeed in building meaningful lives out there in the real world, but we may feel ill-equipped to train them well. In fact, many parents themselves struggle with being able to plan and execute the tasks that will help them achieve their goals. Today’s guest, Ginny Kochis, is here to help us with Building Executive Function Skills in Moms--and Kids.


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More Recommended Resources:


Peace on Purpose Student Edition: Executive Function Workbook and Course for Tweens and Teens


Peace on Purpose: Executive Function Course for Moms


Executive Decisions: Executive Function Workbook for Moms


Made for Greatness: A Growth Mindset Journal for Courageous Catholic Youth


To Hear His Voice: A Mass Journal for Catholic Kids


Today’s Short Feature: Chantal Howard, Idea to Real

Topic: Author your Homeschool this Advent



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