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Episode 2: Consistency and a Charlotte Mason Education

Today’s guest, author Jessica Ptomey, PhD, will explain the importance of Consistency in a Catholic Homeschool and how Charlotte Mason's methods provide the daily disciplines and habits to achieve a long-term vision for your children’s education. 

Jessica’s blog and podcast:

Charlotte Mason’s six-book series, free online:

Beauty in the Word, by Stratford Caldecott:

(John Senior quote on the prerequisite education for grasping the Great Books, is found on p. 119 of Beauty in the Word)

Consider This: Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition, by Karen Glass:

Know and Tell, by Karen Glass:

Cindy Rollins’ podcast, The Mason

Jessica Ptomey on The Journey Home, with Marcus Grodi:

Julia Carney’s Poem, “Little Things”:


Today’s Short Feature:

Dan Louzonis, from Einstein Blueprint

John Louzonis:


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